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Support Services from Communications and Public Affairs Office

CPAO Media Team – Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The CPAO Media Team Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to provide HKU staff with a clear framework of the key services we provide to all faculties and departments and the overall standard of service we aim to achieve. 

The CPAO Media Team:

  • Provides consultation on effective external communications and delivers messages through established communications channels
  • Increases engagement with the media and promotes the University’s corporate vision through effective communications
  • Develops and maintains the external communications strategy and associated guidelines, and conducts monitoring and evaluation of channels where possible
  • Prioritises work that will deliver the most impact in accordance with the University’s strategy

The CPAO Media Team serves over 7,000 academic and non-academic staff in over 200 faculties and departments, and processes over 300 press releases from different departments every year. While we try to accept all promotion requests, we are a small team and need to first focus our efforts in supporting research / KE-related media activities, awards, scholarships and other HKU events that are likely to result in high media coverage.    

Description of Key Services
Publicity in the Media

(1) Press Conferences and Briefings
If an event is likely to receive a lot of press interest, e.g. prominent research findings or awards and achievements by staff members and students that has significant public interest, we recommend organising a press conference or briefing, where journalists will be invited to a venue at an allotted time to hear those involved give a short presentation and possibly a demonstration. The press will then be given an opportunity to ask questions. This ensures that interested media all receive information at the same time and is an efficient way of getting major stories out into the public domain. We can give advice and help you plan your press conferences and briefings, and also issue the press invites and press releases where necessary.

(2) Press Releases  
Information about newsworthy events at the University is usually issued by the CPAO Media Team in the form of a press release when a press conference is considered not the best mode of transmission. Interesting research findings may be sent to local, Mainland China and international media, to journalists specializing in different areas. The press release is a quick and efficient method of getting an item into the news. As an HKU faculty member, you are encouraged to publicise your own stories related to teaching and learning, and on research achievements and awards. Press releases are also uploaded to the University’s website (http://www.hku.hk/press/). Please fill in the details of your story here. We will contact you shortly for discussion of a publicity plan.

(3) Giving Expert Opinion
Expertise sharing - providing access to academic experts on topical issues that are of interest to the public - is a long-standing tradition at HKU. To help achieve this, we maintain an updated database of University staff, with contact details and areas of expertise in the HKU Media Contact Directory. If you would like to be added to our experts directory, please check with your faculty’s administrator to add your entry or contact the CPAO Media Team (Tel: 2859 1106, or email hkumedia@hku.hk) for assistance.

From time to time, we receive requests from the media for recommendations of experts for responses and advice on topical issues. You are also welcome to contact us when such opportunities arise.

Services for Staff

(1) Daily Media Highlights

We monitor local and international media coverage through e-newsclipping agencies WiseNews and Meltwater News. The Daily Media Highlights (DMH) is a brief summary of major news that informs staff members on how issues in the higher education sector are being covered by the media. Interested members of the University are welcome to subscribe to the service by sending an email to the CPAO Media Team at hkumedia@hku.hk, or to view the DMH at: http://www4.hku.hk/hkumh/media_highlights/.

WiseNews is available in the HKU Libraries’ Electronic Resources system here: http://find.lib.hku.hk/record=HKU_IZ61507661250003414.

(2) Media Advice and Media Training
If you have any news stories or information to tell the press, or encounter any uncertainties in dealing with the media, we are here to give you professional advice. In case you need structured or tailor-made media training to help you with media interviews or media enquiries, we will be pleased to organise courses or workshops if sufficient interest is received.

Service level for various types of press activities
(1) Press Release/Invite (dispatch only)

Please allow 3 working days as we need to schedule this ahead of time and avoid clashes with other departments and other universities to achieve a higher coverage.

(2) Press Release/Invite (grammar check only)
Please allow 3 to 5 working days for vetting the documents / performing minor edits.

(3) Press Release/Invite (review and modification required)
Please allow at least 10 working days for back and forth edits, review and approval of the documents

(4) Organsing Press Conference/Briefing
Please schedule a meeting with us no less than 20 working days from the target date of the press conference so we will have time to go over the story with you, reserve an appropriate venue, and also leave you sufficient time to work on powerpoint presentations, video footage and/or other visual display items as well as the press invite and release. 

Important things to note

  • Once you share your news or research findings with us, we will discuss the media angles with you, and the audiences to whom it might appeal. We can help you decide whether a press release is sufficient, or whether a press conference is more suitable (if the news is likely to generate a lot of media interest).
  • Remember we are writing for a lay audience so please try to avoid too much academic jargon in the release.
  • We will usually include at least one member from the research team or someone involved in the news as media contact. Timing is crucial to newspapers and broadcasters. Please leave your diary flexible for a couple of days and make sure you are available for comments and interviews once a press release has gone out.

Media Team contacts
Ms Melanie Wan, Senior Manager (Media) (Tel: 2859 2600 / E-mail: melwkwan@hku.hk)
Ms Rashida Suffiad, Senior Manager (Media) (Tel: 2857 8555 / E-mail: rsuffiad@hku.hk)